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About the Founder

Troy Hipolito

Hi, I’m Troy. You can call me Mr. H.

Over the last 20 years, I founded and co-founded several interesting companies. Starting as an award-winning programmer and designer I moved my way up to project management, architecture, and other hats that needed to be filled.

I was lucky enough to work on Coca-Cola sites and systems to Xbox Mobile Apps. Even created a Harry Potter virtual world for the fans.

We had lots of work, great employees and things were going well.

About 10 years ago that all changed. In Atlanta, there are very large enterprise-level companies and for the most part, they stop using agencies and start hiring contractors.

That killed our business model and that left us a bit high and dry.

I reached out to a few colleagues. Both were doing well. One owned an agency like mine and the other a sales guy. One told me about building long term relationships through LinkedIn and the other was using automation to reduce the sales cycle.

I was not that great in relationships. I was a terrible dater, lol. But over the years I began to understand. So I took the relationship advice and automation experience and combined them into a blended system.

We went from 2 - 3 business meetings a week to 25 business meetings a week. It also saved me about 6 - 8 hours a day. So converting clients became much easier.

Now I put 2 decades of startup experience and knowledge in order to help other passionate businesses build better relationships and gain new clients.

If you’re ready to engage, I’d love to help.



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It is our job to pay forward and try to help you regardless of working together or not. We are here to help.

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